Mock Window Display: Everlane

Mood Board
In today’s climate, virgin plastic and synthetic materials need to be remodeled within our fashion industry; this is one Everlane is trying to tackling. In my thought process, I wanted to design a window that highlights bold, yet subtle colors, while conveying their environmental efforts.

Everlane Mock Window Display
Everlane isn’t a company that needs a flashy window to bring customers in. With new products displayed against a split wall covered with plastic water bottles and feathers, it shows the informative aspect of how their clothes are made and the innovations they create.

Everlane Planogram #1, 16×20
Symmetry is key when creating this simplistic store planogram featuring a white, red, and mauve color palette featuring new collection accessories.

Everlane Planogram #2, 20×20
Grouping clothing to create outfits and color palettes is a simplistic way to categorizing clothing without sacrificing simplicity and sophistication.

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