Which Finals Looks Will You be Rocking?

As Thanksgiving break comes to an unfortunate close and Christmas creeps upon us, we are reminded of the collegiate catastrophe that is soon to be upon us — finals week.

Every passing day brings us closer to the week that we have been preparing ourselves for since we walked leisurely into syllabus week. Picture this: You are taking a nice leisurely stroll through Duck Pond. The birds are singing, the wind is calm and warm, the sunrise is reflecting off the glistening brown water and three-headed fish, and you stand on the wooden deck, when you are suddenly attacked by a team of vicious, rabid ducks. That is what finals week is like.

However, despite the final semester sprint to finals, the one thing you don’t have to fret about is what you wear to that final exam. The pressure of final grades, meal plans slowly depleting, and crippling debt may keep you up at night, but what shoes you should wear will no longer leave you tossing and turning.

The number of outfit combinations will leave your head spinning more than your statistics class, but, don’t you fret, there is no wrong answer with fashion (unless it involves camo Crocs with socks, that’s wrong). This facile formula for fantastic finals fashion will leave you slightly more prepared to, at the least, pass all your finals with flying Cs.

If you are the person who procrastinates with copious amounts of Netflix, forgets which day your final is until two days before, begins to look at the study guide the night before, but falls asleep and wakes up 15 minutes before start time, you are the “Sweatpants Suave.” You need something that will literally cover your body and protect you from the crippling Drillfield chill, so an oversized Goodwill jacket will keep you warm (just try to wash the smell of mothballs and nursing homes out first).

Since you are grabbing and going, mixing patterns and colors, like those camo Crocs and plaid flannel, will add some personality to boring gray sweat pants. Pick a comfortable shoe suitable for sprinting across campus, like your raggedy frat shoes, fuzzy moccasin slippers or Adidas slides with Nike socks.

If you are the person who drowns out the thought of exams with bingo at Sharkey’s, $3 Long Island iced teas, TOTS Tuesdays and endless games of darts at Hokie House, you are the “Downtown Damsel.”

Exams make you more nauseous than those three shots of tequila you just had, but alcohol is a studying agent, right? After a long night downtown, you wake up with a half hour until your exam.

With no time for a Superman change, you’ll have to make a quick change from heels to flats and stumble in from there. If you are wearing something you wouldn’t wear to visit Grandma at Christmas, adding a cardigan or lightweight jacket will fool people in thinking you planned this outfit the night before. Guys, chances are you spilled that pitcher of Natty on your pressed button-down or got a drunk girl’s makeup on your sleeve as she fell into you. Don’t fret, that frat shirt will be good as new. For that pesky mascara, milk will work great with a tissue or cotton ball. Or, chapstick and Vaseline work with just a swipe.

If you are the person who has three planners, has the exams days written down on the first day of class, starts studying during Thanksgiving break and gets a balanced eight hours of sleep before each exam, you are the “Spiffy Scholar.”

This type would rather spend their time working on their latest business project than doing keg stands at a frat party. You dress for success, not just on the big test day. Go all out for the exam; break out your best polyester suit, geometric tie and power walk into the exam like it’s the pitch meeting of your life.

If you want to pack a punch, pack the backpack away and break out your trusty briefcase; everyone will know you have the answers. Ladies, pantsuits are powersuits, channel your inner Hillary Clinton and strut like you are walking into the White House.

Finals are hard, but your fashion doesn’t have to be a drag. With these easy tips, you will breeze through finals with only minor distress.

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