STYLE ADVICE: It's Time to Get Thrifty

Photographed and written by Rachel Kiser

Some people just have a connection when they meet. Some people feel truly accepted when in the company of another person, and some people believe that they have finally met a person who is exactly like them; this is how I felt when meeting this fellow Fashionista.

As I wandered aimlessly through Au Bon Pan, I searched for a former Style Guru who was looking for a writer/stylist for her magazine. Finally, in a sea of Birkenstock’s, yoga pants, and white Converse, I spotted this intriguing specimen: a creature that wasn’t adorned in VT apparel. Firstly, I noticed how her all-black ensemble and French girl bangs portrayed her as a chic, androgynous witch, as she waited for her tofu and avocado sandwich. Immediately, we conversed like long lost friends and discussed her up and coming project called ThriftEd, a student run magazine that intertwines high fashion and thrifted apparel. As a beginner to the world of thrift shopping, I tried to swallow all the information I could, mesmerized that the two could exist in such harmony. I was then surprised to hear that the majority of her outfit was bought at thrift stores, finally ending my prior belief that thrift shops are full of only mumus and tapestries.

If you want to delve into the world of thrift shopping, think about it as wearing a trend: pick one trendy or vintage piece and then revolve your outfit around that one piece. If you are like Macklemore and live for thrift shopping, then either have a monochromatic color scheme, or keep classic silhouettes in mind, like a polished blazer or vintage blouse. If you want to marry the two, trendy with thrifty, go for thrifty apparel and trendy fabric, like this Fashionista’s velvet blazer and blouse.

However, in the midst of mixing and mingling, don’t forget to stick with your own personal style and what you love. Since she loves bolo ties, she incorporates what she loves into her trendy and thrifty outfit in order to spice her outfit with her own personal individuality. Wear a vintage men’s blazer with oversize statement earrings and your favorite pair of jean; pair a classic dress with a chic pair of loafers; take a vintage wedding dress and turn it into a grunge princess collage. As I said in my past articles, toss the proverbial rule book out the window and wear whatever makes you feel like a million bucks (that buys a lot of vintage clothes). Whether you are apprehensive about thrift shopping or you basically live at a thrift store, try to pick pieces that express who you are, and never lose sight of your personal style within the fashion confusion.

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