Rebel Without a Cause

Just a couple of dumb kids with nothing better to fucking do. That’s all we were. We danced with the ghosts, frolicked with our demons, and ran away from our angels. We didn’t care about consequences; our lives only existed in that one second, and every one before that became a fog. Our minds blossomed as we found ourselves on the bank of the river, with no recollection of our past lives outside the city. Thoughts branched. Ideas scattered. Hearts uprooted.

I don’t know how we made it this far, how we didn’t leave more of ourselves at the bottom of the river; how she didn’t sweep us away, caress us with her waves, and swallow us whole. Maybe the painted faces were watching us all along, their fading eyes reflecting our youth. Maybe it was the city that was our protector; she was our home.


Location: Richmond, VA
All clothing is thrifted.

Photographed by Helen Westerman / Styled and Modeled by Rachel Kiser / Modeled by Amanda Lough

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