Keep an eye out for these hot summer fashion trends

Summer can be a forgotten wasteland for wardrobes. As we wander through the heat constantly seeping through the cracks in pool pavements and window panes, we fall into an ongoing wardrobe rut. Grazing off the surface of the clean clothes pile is inevitable, and before you know it, you have been wearing the same striped shirt and Birkenstocks for four days straight.

It’s hard to find clothing that lets everything air out, that allows us to move our arms above our head, and is comfortable enough to avoid under-boob sweat and unfixable wedgies. Even then, the sacrifices to put comfort over fashion can end with us looking like a Coldwater Creek-wearing, “‘let-me-speak-to-your-manager” mom who gets wine-drunk at her kid’s soccer practices. Trends are strung up on pasty, Slender Man mannequins in fast fashion stores, but where is the originality in that — wearing exactly what was picked for you and every other generic consumer? Why not pick your own trend?

Currently, SS19 Resort Fashion Week is my summer inspiration. As I watch the Prada and Gucci cruise lines float down the runway, I fantasize about drinking daiquiris in a string bikini, daydreaming of a reality that doesn’t live in my gray cubicle (I clearly get a lot done at my internship). Even if you don’t like resort wear, summertime sunshine or warm weather because you obviously hate being happy, heed my summer trend predictions before Forever 21 gets to them first.


I can imagine your apprehension as you read this, thinking that berets are worn only by evil French mimes who steal candy from babies and wear striped shirts as if it were the first thing on top of the clothes pile. However, not only are these gems popping up at a local Goodwill near you, but Holy Father Karl Lagerfield (Chanel) and edgy Dsquared 2 had this major accessory, truly showing how a beret can be easily transitioned from preppy to perverse. Wear it as a unique accessory with a mini skirt or sundress to your next barbecue and have people wondering: “Is that a beanie?”


I could write an entire article on how the ascot is a timeless piece that every human and small dog should own. When I saw Valentino models wearing ascots with floral silks and preppy blazers, I stared at my computer screen with the same admiration as I would a Long Island Iced Tea from Sharkey’s. However, if the Fred Jones or Fred Flintstone aesthetic isn’t your forte, tie an ascot around your bag for a pop of texture, or around your hair to feel like Bridget Jones riding off into the sunset with Hugh Grant.

Pastel eyeshadow

This trend could be tricky. With the swipe of a brush and splash of marigold eyeshadow, you could go from Etro supermodel to jaundiced. If you are afraid that blue eyeshadow will make you look like you are taking an ‘80s yearbook photo, start with baby steps. A pastel pink lip gloss can add a summer sheen that would quickly retire the bold rep lip at the pool. Now, if Cindi Lauper is your spirit animal and you crave the color, brush a little pink blush on the cheek bones or eyes to add an angelic glow to your skin. Pink too safe? Try a bold-colored eyeliner or mascara to make a subtle statement on your next Tinder date.

Matching sets

Some things are so classic that they don’t deserve to be called “trends.” Justin Timberlake led the movement for us all, with his matching Canadian tuxedo, to wear denim-on-denim sets without judgement or hesitation. However, let us not forget Fran Fine from “The Nanny,” who taught us that being matchy-matchy was not passe, but fashionable (and quite sexy).

When I saw designers like Valentino, Just Cavalli, Phillip Plein and Prada sport the matching printed sets, I fondly remembered my mother wearing matching pastel pink and white skirt suits and looking like the Queen of England. It was so posh, so classic, and we need a break from the pattern mixing. Find your favorite print and find the matching top and bottom (ASOS has a lot of matching prints). Wear some classic accessories and simple shoes, and channel your inner Fran Drescher.

Summer allows our insecurities to melt away in the sun like a chocolate-dipped ice cream cone after two licks. The only thing I hate about the summer is the clothing. Denim shorts nestle deep within my crotch, and I find myself in a perpetual T-shirt rut, wearing the same Weezer concert tee from my emo kid years. Summer doesn’t have to be the season for srat shirts and birks; with a grain of inspiration and a lack of concern for trends, you can wear what you like and still beat the heat.

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